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Stock and ETF Portfolio Updates!

The following blog post is an example of a regular portfolio update that subscribers at Natural Selection Self-Investing receive on an ongoing basis. The complete stock and ETF portfolios are posted on the website along with top trending watch-lists and charts, which allow subscribers to construct and monitor their own portfolios with relative ease.

Stock Portfolio: The stock portfolio has returned 37.7% since inception, which is approximately 17.4% annually vs 5.2% annually for the TSX over the same two-year time period. As indicated a week ago, I added the utility company EMERA Inc. (EMA) to the stock portfolio on Monday, bringing the portfolio up to 70% invested (30% cash). There is still room to add another position or two and I will likely do that over the next couple of weeks. The chart for EMA with stop loss is shown below.

The portfolio took a small hit this week when Kirkland Lake Gold (KL) announced that it was purchasing Detour Gold (DGC) at a ~ 20% premium. KL dropped 17% on the news but recovered nicely to end the week. It is currently above our stop loss level so my plan is to hang on to it. KL is a strong company with great earnings and DGC also reported strong earnings, so although I am not a huge fan of the purchase I am willing to give it some breathing room. The chart for KL is shown below.

The swing low and quick recovery technically generated a "buy" signal which makes it a good time to purchase for anyone interested in this company. Note that I have adjusted the stop loss to reflect the new swing low on the chart.

The remaining charts in the stock portfolio look really strong at this juncture and can be viewed here.

ETF Portfolio: The ETF portfolio has returned 36.2% since inception, which is approximately 10.9% annually. During the same three-year time period, the TSX has returned 4.6% annually. The portfolio is currently invested at 88% and as mentioned in the previous update, I am comfortable at that level.

Since the last update the portfolio has surged nicely and both consumer staples (XST) and information technology (XIT) have reversed higher, generating new "buy" signals.

XST reversed hard off of the 50-week moving average and appears poised to make new highs.

XIT has been one of the portfolio's best performers since we bought it back in early 2019 and has recently broken out to new highs.

The remaining ETF portfolio charts can be viewed here.

If you are interested constructing a low-cost portfolio of the top trending stocks and ETFs in real-time or are interested in generating high percentage returns through our quick-trading service, consider subscribing for less than a dollar per day!



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