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Natural Selection Self-Investing and Trading!  

Did you know that most managed investment portfolios perform worse than a benchmark index like the S&P 500? Did you know that over time, mutual fund and investment fees can reduce your total returns by 50% or more? Did you know that traditional investment strategies offer you no protection against bear markets or market crashes? Does investing for retirement really have to be this way? What if there is a different way to invest?  A way to earn exceptional returns, avoid losses or even prosper during bear markets, all while avoiding the fees. Guess what? There is.

​I have designed a simple self-directed ETF and stock investment system that uniquely utilizes a trend trading strategy in combination with the principles of natural selection to maintain portfolios of the strongest trending holdings at any given time. That's right, the system strictly adheres to a "survival of the fittest" approach. Rather than waiting for months on end for under-performing sectors to move higher, my portfolios are adjusted on an ongoing basis to maintain only holdings that are in a positive growth phase. By allowing weak and aging trends to be discarded in favor of emerging and established trends, the portfolios are maintained in a constant stage of price growth. This natural selection process is the foundation of successful investing and it is not provided through buy and hold strategies that are offered by the mainstream financial services industry.

​There are two ways for investors to benefit from the investment system that I have designed. The first is to follow my blog and read the content provided on this website, which explains my trading system in detail and provides actionable advice that allows investors to begin investing on their own immediately. The second is to subscribe to my service that provides real-time access to my stock and ETF portfolios, my top trending watch-lists, and my portfolio builder instructions, which allow subscribers to build and monitor their own portfolios with minimal effort. The service includes my weekly Quick-Trade set-ups, which provide short-term trade opportunities for individuals interested in the much higher returns that can be earned through active trading. Here's the type of performance that can be accessible to you.


Performance Since Inception

  • Stock Model Portfolio = ~44% (2+ years @ ~19% annually)

  • ETF Model Portfolio = ~45% (3+ years @ ~13% annually)

  • Quick-Trade Service = 5-100% per successful trade

​You've read this far and are probably asking yourself if it is truly possible to be a successful self-directed investor who manages his/her own investment portfolio and still works a day job. If you are willing to take the time to read the investment philosophy and system presented on this website, I will show you just how easy it is to take control of your own investment planning today. But first let's take a look at why your traditional investment strategy is not what it seems.   NEXT

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