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Portfolios Overview

Natural Selection subscribers have full access to my model ETF and Stock portfolios in real-time. I also provide access to my watch-lists (updated regularly) which contain the top trending stocks and ETFs in the market at any given time. Subscribers are notified of any changes that I make to the portfolios via email, and rational for portfolio changes are discussed on the Live Blog. Both portfolios are meant to be suitable for self-directed investors of all levels and are manageable for people who can’t be glued to a computer screen all day. I also offer a Quick-Trade Service that is more suitable for active traders.

Many subscribers will want to build their own stock or ETF portfolios using the Natural Selection system, while others may simply want to buy one or two securities to hold in a self-directed investment account. All stocks and ETFs in the portfolios and on the watch-lists are labelled as either "buy" "hold" "watch" or "sell" which gives subscribers an indication of their current status in the context of their trend life-cycle.  In this regard it is easy to construct and monitor a portfolio with minimal effort.


Note for US Investors: although my trades are made on the Toronto Stock Exchange, my portfolios are meant to be accessible to investors trading on both Canadian and US exchanges because almost all of the ETFs that I utilize have US market equivalents, while the stock holdings typically have listings in both Canada and the US. Trades are primarily made at the end of the day on Fridays, except in rare cases where it is clear that immediate action is required.

ETF Portfolio

Stock Portfolio

Read more about the Quick-Trade Service


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