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About Me


My name is Simon Weseen. A decade ago, after coming to the conclusion that despite the strong sales pitch, the financial services industry did not have incentive and was not capable of providing me with the type of investment returns that I desired and offered no protection from market downturns, I decided to take control of my own financial future and started investing for myself through an online broker. Although it wasn’t easy and I learned some hard lessons along the way, through trial and error I have developed a scientifically based self-directed investment system that allows ordinary people like yourself to take control of your own financial future and prosper with very minimal effort, while avoiding all the fees that greatly diminish your returns. Although the strategy requires some active investing and works well for short-term traders like myself, it also works well for people who have day jobs and can’t be glued to a computer watching their investments all day.

I have a broad background that includes an M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics and two undergraduate degrees from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. I spent ten years as a Professional Research Associate at the University of Saskatchewan and many more as an economic and environmental consultant. I have held numerous policy and economic related positions in both the agriculture and energy sectors in Western Canada and have published academically on a wide range of economic related topics.

Although my background is diverse, my passion is in the areas of stock markets and monetary policy. Almost all of my trading knowledge is self-taught and I have read and studied extensively on this topic. I maintain that the keys to successful investing are discipline, risk management, patience, and above all, perseverance. There are no educational requirements to becoming a good investor, other than being committed to learning. I have been investing with my own TFSA, RRSP, LIRA and cash accounts through a self-directed broker now for ten years and have completed thousands of transactions with my own money. I have never invested for others, despite numerous requests to do so; however, I briefly worked for a small US-based Hedge Fund prior to launching this website.

What I Promise

Most websites like this promise subscribers outrageously high returns that are never actually realized. The truth is that most fail to deliver anything close to an complete investment or trading strategy. I know this because I have subscribed to many such websites myself. While I make no guarantees regarding performance, my belief is that this website provides a simple-to-use investment and portfolio management system that can deliver high returns in the context of long-term investing or through active trading.

One thing that differentiates this website from other investment websites and the financial service industry in general, is my commitment to transparency. When I buy or sell a position in the model portfolios, I notify all subscribers via email. I do this in real-time so that my members know exactly what is happening with the portfolios at all times. The portfolios are updated regularly and the rate of return is tracked on an ongoing basis and is available for all subscribers to see. The strategy that I employ in the model portfolios is the same strategy that I use in my own investing and I trade many of the Quick-Trade set-ups that I discuss with subscribers.

It is my view that very few financial services or newsletter writers are willing to provide the level of honesty and transparency that I do here. I understand that this is because portfolio under-performance can lead to disappointment and a reduction in the client base over time. My commitment to transparency exists both because I believe that my investment system works and because I want my subscribers to see the system performing in real time as opposed to me merely describing how it would perform in a perfect world. This is an educational and information based website and I strongly believe that ambiguity in the context of portfolio management is a disservice to my subscriber base and is one of the primary tactics through which everyday people are led astray by the financial services industry.   NEXT

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