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Tuesday Update!

Just a quick note to subs to let you know what I am seeing today.

First, we have had a really sharp reversal in gold and silver, which means many of the mining stocks on the watch-list are likely to do well, provided that gold and silver maintain their current momentum. Precious metals stocks on the list include AR, BTO, EDV, GCM, GOLD, GTT, GUY, OLA, PGM, SSL, USA, and WGO. There are plenty of others as well, including GPY (mentioned by a sub in the comments section).

Second, there is a real battle going on in the broad stock markets at present. Markets powered higher yesterday on news of renewed trade talks between the US and China but they seem also to be running out of momentum. I think that we either decisively punch higher or this could start to roll over again. If that were to happen, we would want to be in defensive stocks like those mentioned above. A lot of our watch-list stocks are defensive, but as trend traders we really just need to trust the chart technicals to show us the way. In addition to the mining stocks, we are seeing some follow through on AQN, IGM, KXS, VMD, WPRT and SHOP. MAXR, which was on one of our previous watch-lists is up 17% on the day!

Good luck!

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