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Quick Trade Watch-list, September 28th, 2020!

Markets continue to be choppy and I am expecting more of the same over the next couple of months. A lot of last week's "buys" ended up rolling over although a few hung in there. The volatility in this environment makes trading more challenging and it is important not to force trades that are marginal. In that regard, it isn't a bad idea to sit on the sidelines until markets stabilize.

This week I dropped a total of eleven companies from the watch-list. Basically anything that had fallen too far below its 50 dma was removed (or if the moving average was rolling over). Most of the dropped names are still in solid up-trends on the weekly time-frame, so I will be looking for a strong reversal at some point. I added three new names this week.

"Buy" charts and stop losses

Have a great week!



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