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Quick Trade Watch-list, October 25th, 2021!

Last week was one of the most successful performances of our quick trade watch-list in recent memory. Four of our eight companies moved sharply higher and are in the profit taking zone (CRDL, CRE, FL, and HIVE). An additional two companies moved higher (GOG and LITH) and are in the "hold category", while one moved sideways (DMX) and is also still a "hold". Only one company (III) dropped but I have still labeled it a "hold" because the set-up still looks valid.

We begin this week with ten new "buys", many of which are silver mining/exploring companies. Silver exploded higher last week and many of these badly beaten down charts are now looking promising.

October 25th Watch-list:

October 18th Watch-list Updated:

"Buy charts and suggested stop losses:



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