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Quick Trade Watch-list, Nov. 4th, 2019

Before posting this week's watch-list, I want to highlight the importance of being aware of when companies that you own are reporting earnings. Depending on market expectations, stocks are prone to either a large drop (disappointment) or potential upside (overachieved). Sometimes these moves appear to make no sense but unfortunately that is the way it goes. ZZZ had a very large drop on Friday after reporting really solid earnings. BLDP also dropped on earnings earlier in the week but rebounded the same day. A company not on our watch-list (SSL) exploded higher on strong earnings. The point is that earnings reports can create volatility in both directions and if you are not comfortable with this, sometimes it is better to just close a trade and then decide whether to re-open it after the report has been released.

I have added eight new names to the watch-list and dropped the same number. Four of the new names could be bought right here, while the other four I would like to see a little more follow through before buying.

The new charts are shown below with mark-up.

Have a great week!

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