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Quick-Trade Watch-list, June 17, 2019

Last week several of the stocks that I put on the watch-list broke upwards and I discussed several of those during the week. In most cases for those stocks, the stop-loss would be placed under the last swing low. Those companies that resolved upward include: CIA, DOL, ECO, EDV, GCM, HUT, KNT, MAXR, MUX, and PGM.

Some of those could still be bought and were kept in the watch-list for this week, while others have probably gone too far already, so I left them off of the list this week. A few others, like N, OGI, QST, IBG, T, and ITP, I've taken off the list because there are simply better set-ups out there. This weeks watch-list includes:

AMX - Amex Exploration

ATA - ATS Automation Tooling Systems

BLDP - Ballard Power Systems

CLIQ - Alcanna Inc.

CIA - Champion Iron Limited

DRA.UN -Dream Hard Asset Alternatives Trust

EQLX - Enthusiast Gaming Holdings

FLY - Flyght Aerospace Solutions

HQD - NASDAQ Double Inverse ETF

JWEL - Jamieson Wellness

KLS - Kelso Technologies

KNT - KNT Mining

LABS - Medipharm Laps

MAXR - Maxar Technologies

PGM - Pure Gold Mining

SBB - Sabina Gold and Silver

USA - Americas Silver

Here are a few of the stronger looking charts:

ATA could be bought right here because it is already breaking out. Stop-loss would be under the last lows.

AMX could also be bought with a stop-loss below the last low. Conservative investors may want to wait for confirmation of strength with a further move up.

BLDP is in an up-trend and has recently corrected and had a nice reversal on Friday. I am looking for this to resolve upwards before I would buy it.

DRA.UN broke out of its mini-downtrend and could be bought with a stop below the last low. Traders should be aware of the tax treatment of income trusts, although I believe the treatment is actually more favorable than a regular stock.

EGLX had a mini-reversal on Friday. It could be bought here with a stop-loss below Friday's low ($1.60) or one could wait for some follow through. The advantage of buying here is that the stop-loss would be very close, making it a low risk entry.

KLS looks similar to CIA and KNT last week before they broke out. It has broken its down-trend already and looks ready to move up. It could be bought with a stop in the $1.70 range or one could wait for follow through.

I showed this last week and it looks like it has had a mini-reversal. Whether it resolves upward or not probably depends on the price of gold, which is down a little this AM. The stop on this would be under the reversal at $0.52.

SBB looks very similar to PGM above but perhaps a little stronger, as it has reversed in each of the last two days into close. It could also be bought right here with a stop at $1.08.

Happy Trading!



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