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Quick Trade Watch-list, July15

Here is the quick trade watch-list for the coming week.


Champion Iron - CIA (CHPRF)

Energy Fuels - EFR (UUUU)

ATS Automation Tooling Systems - ATA (ATSAF)

IGM Financial - IGM (IGIFF)

Kinaxis - KXS (KXSCF)

Alcanna Inc - CLIQ (LQSIF)


Cameco - CCO (CCJ)

Element Fleet Management - EFN (ELEEF)

Hut 8 Mining - HUT

Imperial Metals Corp - III (IPPMF)

Nexgen Energy - NXE (NXE)

Roxgold - ROXG (ROGFF)

Western Copper - WRN (WRN)


Algonquin Power - AQN (AQN)

Argonaut Gold - AR (ARNGF)

B2Gold - BTO (BTG)

Ballard Power - BLDP (BLDP)

Dollorama - DOL (DLMAF)

Endeavour Mining - EDV (EDVVF)

Flyht Aerospace - FLY (FLYLF)

Gold Mining - GOLD (GOLWF)

Goeasy - GSY (EHMEF)

Gran Colombia - GCM (TPRFF)

Guyana Goldfields - GUY - (GUYFF)

Ivanhoe Mines - IVN (IVPAF)

Jamieson Wellness - JWEL (None)

Kelso Technologies - KLS (KIQ)

K92 Mining - KNT (KNTNF)

Largo Resources - LGO (LGORF)

Neptune Tech and Bio - NEPT (NEPT)

Orla Mining - OLA (ORRLF)

Osisko Mining - OSK (OSKFF)

Sandstom Gold - SSL (SAND)

Shopify - SHOP (SHOP)

Storage Vault Canada - SVI (SVAUF)

Americas Silver - USA (USAS)

Viemed Healthcare - VMD (None)

White Gold - WGO (None)

Amex Exploration - AMX (AMXEF)

Standard Lithium - SLL (STLHF)

H2O Innovation - HEO (HEOFF)

Almaden Minerals - AMM (AAU)

Tudor Gold - TUD (TDRRF)

Atlantic Power Corporation - ATP (AT)

Novo Resources - NVO (NSRPF)

Silvercorp Metals - SVM (SVM)

Here are the new charts:

Uranium has been in the doghouse forever but there has been some renewed chatter recently about it being a necessary energy resource for nations like Japan, which caused some stocks to pop last week. CCO was one of them and could be bought right here for a low risk trade.

NXE is another. I'm not sure I would chase this right here but I would be interested on a small pullback.

Some of the industrial metals are also starting to round into form. III looks ready to break out and could be bought right here.

WRN is another base metal that is just starting to break out of consolidation and could be bought.

HUT was on a previous watch-list but I took it off because it became overbought. It has consolidated for a while, so I think we should start watching it again. This stock has big daily swings, so traders need to be careful with position size in order to keep their emotions in check.

EFN made a big move on Friday and could be in the beginning stages of a new up-leg. The stop is under the recent swing low.

There are plenty of gold miners that we could put on the list but for the sake of balance, I am only adding ROXG this week to go with all of the others that we are currently watching. I really like that it reversed hard on Friday on heavy volume. It could be bought right here, or to be safe, on a breakout above $1.10

OSK was already on the the watch-list but I wanted to point out that it is in a good spot for a reversal (note the hammer candles). I would buy it on some follow through to the upside.

Have a great week!



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