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Quick Trade Watch-list, July 8

I gave an update on how things were looking on Friday, so I don't have much to add today other than to say that I expect a more normal week of trading after having Canadian and US stock markets each closed for a day last week. I haven't changed much from last week's watch-list but I dropped DRA.UN, GTT, HQD, and PGM. These set-ups aren't necessarily invalid, rather I wanted to add a few names that simply look better. WPRT has had a decent run and looks a little toppy so I took it off the list as well. I have listed the new names at the bottom.

Note: US ticker in brackets

Algonquin Power - AQN (AQN)

Argonaut Gold - AR (ARNGF)

ATS Automation Tooling Systems - ATA (ATSAF)

B2Gold - BTO (BTG)

Ballard Power - BLDP (BLDP)

Champion Iron - CIA (CHPRF)

Alcanna Inc - CLIQ (LQSIF)

Dollorama - DOL (DLMAF)

Endeavour Mining - EDV (EDVVF)

Flyht Aerospace - FLY (FLYLF)

Gold Mining - GOLD (GOLWF)

Goeasy - GSY (EHMEF)

Gran Colombia - GCM (TPRFF)

Guyana Goldfields - GUY - (GUYFF)

Ivanhoe Mines - IVN (IVPAF)

IGM Financial - IGM (IGIFF)

Jamieson Wellness - JWEL (None)

Kelso Technologies - KLS (KIQ)

K92 Mining - KNT (KNTNF)

Kinaxis - KXS (KXSCF)

Largo Resources - LGO (LGORF)

Neptune Tech and Bio - NEPT (NEPT)

Orla Mining - OLA (ORRLF)

Osisko Mining - OSK (OSKFF)

Sandstom Gold - SSL (SAND)

Shopify - SHOP (SHOP)

Storage Vault Canada - SVI (SVAUF)

Americas Silver - USA (USAS)

Viemed Healthcare - VMD (None)

White Gold - WGO (None)


Amex Exploration - AMX (AMXEF)

Standard Lithium - SLL (STLHF)

H2O Innovation - HEO (HEOFF)

Almaden Minerals - AMM (AAU)

Energy Fuels - EFR (UUUU)

Tudor Gold - TUD (TDRRF)

Atlantic Power Corporation - ATP (AT)

Novo Resources - NVO (NSRPF)

Silvercorp Metals - SVM (SVM)

I showed charts of AMX, SLL, and HEO on Friday but I've attached a few charts of the other new companies so that you can see what I am looking at.

ATP looks like it eventually wants to break out. There is strong support around $3.00.

AMM is another gold miner that recently broke out and is now presenting a potential entry.

EFR reversed on Friday and could be bought if it shows further strength early this week.

NVO also reversed on Friday and could be bought if it shows further strength. Be aware that this stock moves hard in both directions, so it can be a big gainer but can also sting you.

SVM has basically the same pattern as NVO but looks a little stronger because its reversal occurred entirely above the 50 dma.

TUD has been quite strong as well and the reversal on Friday had heavy volume, which indicates that buyers moved in quickly on the drop.

Have a great week!



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