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Quick Trade Watch-list - January 6th, 2020!

This week I only dropped four stocks from the watch-list (LIF, BU, LFE, FVAN). None of these were particularly bad, rather it's just that there are several others that look better. I have added eight new names to the list (including two pot stocks!). It should be noted that a lot of our energy stocks could have been labelled as either "hold" or "profit zone" because they have all run nicely and are now pausing. I have chosen to label most of them as "hold" because I believe that the recent geopolitical developments (US - IRAN) can be viewed as catalyst for a higher oil price. The same goes for the price of gold, although the response by gold stocks was rather muted on Friday. Anyway, here is the list followed by the "buy" charts.

Charts below:

Have a great week!



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