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Quick Trade Watch-list, January 25th, 2021!

This week I did not add any new names because we have enough to manage with the current list. Heading into the week we have thirteen "buys", a large number of "holds" and also quite a few that are in the profit taking zone. So far, 2021 has been a traders dream with speculation running rampant in commodities, renewable energy, biotech and healthcare.

"Buy" charts and suggested stop losses:



Natural Selection
Natural Selection
Jan 26, 2021

Hi Tom, stop losses are usually right below the last swing low, which you can find with most standard charting software. I also have installed the trading view widget (, which allows you to float over the chart with your cursor and determine what the exact stop loss price would be. I do not trade with hard stops because I find that they often get stopped out and then reverse higher. I just have a soft stop loss entered in my spreadsheet and if it looks like it is going to close below that level, then I sell it. Do not hesitate to email me directly if you need further assistance.



The stop loss areas in the charts are not specified with an actual number/value. Am I supposed to guess what it is by the scale next to it or can I find the exact stock value at which to set the stop-loss at somewhere?

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