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Quick Trade Watch-list - January 20th, 2020!

Last week was a fairly quiet week and both energy and precious metals remained undecided regarding their short-term direction. Some of companies from both sectors did generate buy signals but we are still waiting for more definitive moves in most cases. I have dropped AUG, GSC, and BIR from the watch-list to to weakness and ABX was dropped because like FNV and AEM, I want to keep it on the slower moving stock watch-list.

An interesting development this week was that some marijuana stocks are in various stages of a bottoming process and several others started to break out. I have added seven names to the watch-list that look the strongest at this point. These are all basically "buys" at this point in time but a person needs to be careful because it is still early days and this sector is extremely volatile. As always, use stop losses!

Note that this week I am just posting the new (pot) charts, as I have shown most of the other companies that are "buys" over the last few weeks,


Have a great week!

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