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Quick Trade Watch-list, February 28th, 2022!

Last week featured some heavy volatility in the markets caused by the uncertainty surrounding the the Russia/Ukraine war. It is often difficult to predict how markets will react in situations like this but since they were heavily oversold heading into the week, it was not surprising that we concluded the week with a strong bounce.

Our watch-list was precious metals oriented and gold did not escape the volatility. All of the companies moved down but only two of the seven names were stopped out. The other five names are still okay but a lot will depend on what happens to the price of gold and silver as we start the week. A quick reversal upward would make many of these companies a "buy" but further downward pressure would likely result in more companies being stopped out.

We start this week with eight "buys" but I am expecting continued volatility, which means the situation could change quickly in either direction.

February 28th Watch-list:

February 21st Watch-list Updated:

"Buy" charts and suggested stop losses:


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