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Quick Trade Watch-list, February 16th, 2021!

Markets are closed today in both Canada and the US, so this will give us a short trading week. This week I dropped ARTG (ARGTF), AMX (AMXEF), and FIND (BSENF) from the list and added five new names. The list is getting a little longer than I'd like so starting next week I am going to be more aggressive in the culling of under-performing names.

Heading into this week I again want to emphasize that the markets are in an extremely overbought condition. The explosive action that we are seeing in many sectors is not normal and is partially a reflection of the huge surge in retail investing. I want to caution that at some point in the next month or two we are likely to see a meaningful correction that will once again remind us all that markets do indeed move in both directions.

Buy charts and suggested stop losses:



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