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Quick Trade Watch-list - Dec. 30th, 2019!

This week I removed five names from the watch-list and added six companies. One subscriber requested that I list the names that I drop each week, so moving forward I will be doing that. The dropped symbols this week are RHT, IFP, AEP, SNC, and FNV. The first three of those broke down, while the last two I am removing for other reasons. SNC had a big announcement a few weeks back, causing the share price to spike pretty hard. For the time being, I don't see a quick-trade set-up developing in the near future. FNV is part of the natural selection stock portfolio as a longer-term position, so I decided to exclude it from the quick-trade watch-list to avoid any confusion.

Many of the companies on our list are in the "hold" or "profit zone" categories because both the energy and precious metals sectors exploded higher, taking these stocks higher. The revised list is below, followed by the charts that I consider to be in the "buy" zone. Note that the markets are closed on Wednesday because New Year's Day is a market holiday in both Canada and the US.

Buy Zone Charts:

Have a great week and Happy New Year!



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