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Quick Trade Watch-list, Aug 12

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

I've decided to try a different format this week with the quick trade watch-list. We are currently watching a large number of stocks, many of them in different stages. Some are ready to move higher, while others may have been purchased earlier and could be sold for profits. It is impossible to show charts for all of these companies, so I thought I would simply label them according to my interpretation of where they are at in terms of their own quick-trade cycle. It is important to note that charts can change quickly, often going through stages in a little as a couple of days. In this regard, my status ratings should be used only as supplemental information and not as the sole basis for buying or selling a stock. The rating categories are as follows:

Buy = could be bought right now

Watch = would be a buy on a reversal or breakout

Hold = still some upside potential but not a buy at present

Profits = trade is extended and could be sold for profits or partial profits

There are several new stocks on the watch-list (bottom left of the table above) and I have posted the charts below.

Have a great week!

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