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Market Update and Quick Trade Ideas, Friday July 17, 2020!

It has been a few months since I posted on the public blog. The last few months have presented many quick trading opportunities that I have been sharing with subscribers, and I have also been busy rebuilding the stock and ETF portfolios after moving to cash and side-stepping the late February - early March market crash.

We are still in a very unique investing environment, with market performance being largely detached from the underlying economic fundamentals resulting from the Covid-19 policy response. Trillions of dollars have been injected into the system through a variety of monetary and fiscal measures and the result has been a very strong multi-month rally, despite the fact that an economic rebound is still likely many months away. Moving froward we will continue to be patient, identify the strongest sectors (fundamentally and chart wise), and manage risk as required.

Since I am an active trader as well as longer-term investor, I thought I would post some subscriber trading content on the public blog to illustrate the type of mid week commentary that I provide for quick traders as part of the subscription service. Along with the weekly updated watch-list, I provide mid-week commentary that helps traders take advantage of set-ups in real time.

On Wednesday I showed a few charts and while we are still waiting on a couple of those, both Corvus Gold (KOR - CORVF) and K92 Mining (KNT - KNTNF) have moved up hard and are nicely in the money. Here are a few more charts that I am watching this morning.

Trillium Therapeutics (TRIL - TRIL) broke its downtrend earlier in the week and is moving hard today. Textbook buy signal on this one.

Polaris Infrastructure (PIF - RAMPF) looks similar to TRIL but is just in an earlier stage. Pretty low risk set-up here.

Highgold Mining (HIGH - HGGOF) is threatening to push up out of a little flag pattern, I would buy this on a little more follow through.

Americas Silver (USA - USAS) has been a really stubborn trade with many false breakouts and breakdowns but the set-up is still valid. Today it is trying to push upwards again but given the previous chop, I would like to see it move up above (or near) $3.65 before buying.

Endeavour Mining (EDV - EDV) has drifted sideways since Wednesday but I think it still has a reasonable chance of breaking upwards in the next couple of days which would generate a buy signal.

I labeled Resolute Forward Products (RFP - RFP) a buy on the Sunday watch-list and it continues to slowly drift higher. This could still be bought right here or traders could wait for a down day to try and get a better entry. I have noticed that a few other forestry names are starting to look peppy, so maybe some others will find their way on the watch-list this weekend.

In addition to the quick trade set-ups like those discussed above, the subscription service contains model portfolios, watch-lists, and portfolio builder instructions that provides subscribers with a framework for building and monitoring their own portfolios with minimal effort. Now is a great time to subscribe to the service because I am currently in the process of rebuilding the stock and ETF portfolios, giving subscribers an opportunity to see how portfolio building occurs in real-time. To learn more, please visit



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