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Quick Trade Watch-list, May 25th, 2020

Last week was a strong week for the watch-list, as almost the entire list closed considerably higher than where we began the week. This was highlighted by our silver mining positions which moved sharply higher on the strength in silver prices. The marijuana/pharma sector also had a huge week with several companies moving 20-30% higher.

I have labeled the most overbought companies as "profit zone", while those that aren't too stretched are labeled "hold" but some of those are also close to being overbought. I sold some of my most overbought positions and if precious metals roll over early this week, I will likely take additional profits. Pot stocks were strong across the board last week, so I have added several more to the watch-list that look like they are just breaking out. US markets are closed tomorrow for Memorial Day, while Canadian markets are open.

"Buy" Charts:

Have a great week!



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