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Quick-Trade Update, June 13

I just wanted to post a quick update on the charts I posted yesterday. CIA has really taken off, while KNT is holding today but still looks good. Both HQD and PGM are looking okay but I would like to see them both get moving.

I wanted to mention Dollarama (DOL) because it was in Monday's watch-list. It posted strong earnings yesterday and gapped up on today's open.

It would be nice to own this but it is hard to buy these when they gap up open like this because it is basically already up 8% on the day. In cases like this, I would just wait for a pullback to buy, or buy with smaller position size and then hope to add to it on a pullback.

I have a few more charts that I want to show because they are basically textbook reversals and breakouts.

EDV dipped this AM and reversed just above the 50 dma. The stop is noted on the chart (reversal low).

MUX looks similar to EDV but it broke out yesterday and is holding strong today. Ideally this would have been bought yesterday but I didn't notice it until this AM. I would still consider it a buy however.

ECO is different than the two above because it is more of breakout to new highs scenario. This stock has been performing well for a while now. My preferred stop is noted on the chart. Be warned that this stock is quite thinly traded, meaning that it carries more risk because it is harder to buy and sell.



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