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A Self-Directed Investment System for You!

Welcome to the “natural selection” self-directed investment and trading website and blog. If you have found this website, you might be looking for a way to take control of your financial future, just as many ordinary people around the world are doing. Perhaps you are looking for a way to grow and protect your investments, while avoiding high fees that are currently the industry norm. Perhaps you see systemic problems with the global economy and monetary system and are seeking the ability to react quickly to avoid a bear market or market crash. Maybe you recently opened your first TFSA, RRSP, IRA or 401K self-directed investment account through an online broker and are wanting a proven strategy that can generate immediate returns. If any of these scenarios describe your situation, then this website is for you.

​I have designed a simple self-directed ETF and stock investment system that uniquely combines principles of trend trading and natural selection to maintain portfolios of the strongest trending holdings at any given time. Rather than waiting for months on end for under-performing sectors to take off, my portfolios are adjusted on an ongoing basis to maintain only holdings that are in a positive growth phase. By allowing weak and aging trends to be discarded in favor of emerging and established trends, the portfolios are maintained in a constant stage of price growth. This natural selection process is the foundation of successful investing and it is not provided through buy and hold strategies that are offered by the mainstream financial services industry.

​There are two ways for investors to benefit from the investment system that I have designed. The first is to follow my blog and read the content provided on this website, which explains my trading system in detail and provides actionable advice that allows investors to begin investing on their own immediately. The second is to subscribe to my service that provides real-time access to my stock and ETF portfolios and my top trending watch-lists, which allow subscribers to build and monitor their own portfolios with minimal effort. Since its inception, the stock model portfolio has returned approximately 19% annually, while the ETF portfolio has returned 12%.  The service also includes my Quick-Trade set-ups, which provides short-term trade opportunities for individuals interested in the much higher returns that can be earned through active trading. The Quick-Trade Service returns anywhere from 5-40% per successful trade, thus allowing traders to grow an account quickly . Although my service focuses on Canadian and American stock markets, the system itself can be used by investors anywhere in the world.  To see a more complete description of the subscription service refer to the Member Introduction page.

​You've read this far and are probably asking yourself if it is truly possible to be a successful self-directed investor who manages his/her own investment portfolio. After all, most of us have spent a life-time being told that the only option available to us is to invest in mutual funds through a personal financial advisor and pay 3% (or more) annual fees, regardless of how our portfolio performs. I will show that it is indeed possible for ordinary people to design a diversified portfolio with much lower fees, greater transparency, more effective risk management and above all, much better returns.

I recommend reading the web pages in the order presented below (or from left to right on the top menu) and of course don't forget to check out my blog, where I share many thoughts on investing:

About Me – find out who I am and why this site is different

Member Introduction - what the subscription entails

Public Blog - market commentary and investment insights

Investment Theory – why "buy and hold" fails and why trend trading strategies have been outperforming conventional investment strategies for decades.

Investment System - an overview of my self-directed investment system including trend indicators, trade signals, risk management, and portfolio renewal.

Portfolios- a short description of my stock and ETF model portfolios, the ETFs that I use, and a snapshot of my holdings.

Quick-Trading – for active traders wanting to accelerate returns

Plans and Pricing – subscription options




  • Real-time Stock and ETF Portfolios​ and Watch-lists

  • Portfolio Change Notifications

  • Real-time Quick Trade Watch-lists and Set-up Discussion

  • Market and Portfolio Commentary

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